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CBD Pub Menu

CBD Gastropub Menu curated by

The Herbal Chef

Chris Sayegh and Gary Nguyen, World renowned chefs known for Cannabis-infused fine dining which elevate the perception of hemp, CBD and cannabis through mainstream media.

Park City 2019

all dishes contain 10mg of Charlotte’s Web CBD


CBD Chili Cheese Fries   $8
CBD Truffle Fries    $10
available in regular or sweet potato

Sweet n’ Spicy Chicken Wings   $13
 6 CBD Wings with Coleslaw

Mezze Plate   $15
 Hummus | Whipped Yogurt | Tabbouleh | Crudités | Roti


The Last Burger You’ll Ever Want   $26 
Crispy Whole Onion | 80/20 Beef Patty | Braised Short Rib
CBD Whipped Horseradish | Pickled Jalapeno & Citrus slaw
Brioche Bun | Potato Flake Dusted Fries 
add fried egg +$3
gluten free bun available

Salmon Bowl   $28   GF
Stewed Lentils | 5 oz Atlantic Salmon with Crispy Skin
Roasted Carrot | Poached Turnip | Charred Radish
CBD Agua Chile sauce

Veggie Bowl   $22   V  GF
Wild Rice | Confit Cherry Tomatoes | Cannellini Beans
Sweet Potato | Roasted Seasonal Vegetables
Pickled Onions | CBD House Hot Sauce
add protein:
chicken +$5  short rib +$6   salmon +$7

Rigatoni with Meatballs   $25
3 Ground Beef-Pork Belly-Veal Meatballs
(60% / 30% / 10%)
CBD Bolognese sauce | Aged Parmesan
hold the meatballs to make it vegan!

Choice of 3 Tacos   $15
Braised Short Rib | CBD cheese crema | Jalapeño Slaw
Pulled Chicken | CBD Cheese Crema | Hot Sauce | Micro Cilantro    
Salmon | CBD Cheese Crema | Pickled Onions | Jalapeño Slaw    
(V) Carrots | CBD mole | Candied Pumpkin Seeds | Micro Cilantro

Winter Salad   $22
6 oz. Non-GMO CBD Chimichurri Roasted Chicken
Melted Bell Peppers | Melted Onions
Avocado | Cherry Tomatoes | Cucumber
Lemon tahini dressing


Bruce Bogtrotters Comeback “Matilda”   $13
Chocolate Cake | Vanilla Bavarian Cream
CBD Winter Berry Fluid Gel | Peanut Butter Ice Cream
Almond Crunch | 70% Cacao Ganache

The “Sundance”   $13
Passion Fruit Sorbet | Panna Cotta | CBD Olive oil cake
Fresh Berries | Toasted Meringue
Candied Pumpkin Seeds | Coconut Purée

cocktails menu below


Shrooms in Fall
Carrot Juice | Pomegranate Reduction | Basil Foam
Porcini Powder | Selgris
 mix with Cointreau

Arugula Juice
Simple Syrup Steeped with Tarragon
Rosemary Oil | Orange Juice | Almond Milk
Egg White | Lemon Juice
mix with Gin

I Gotta Pea
Pea Puree | Cucumber Juice
Caramel Sauce | Green Apple Juice | Citric acid
mix with vodka

What is CBD?

1) Cannabidiol CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t give you the feeling of being high.

2) The human body naturally produces Cannabinoids, CBD helps as a conduit for the body.

3) CBD works within the EndoCannabinoid system in the mammalian body to help regulate our organs. This allows humans to reach homeostasis easier and makes us feel better overall.

4) CBD Doesn’t show up on Drug Tests


Why do I need it?

·       Relieves depression

·       Increases myelin formation

·       Lowers intestinal inflammation

·       Decreases intestinal permeability

·       Lowers blood pressure

·       Lowers anxiety

·       Reduces fear and paranoia

·       Increases BDNF levels

·       Increases PPRAy expression

·       Reduces GPR55 signaling

·       Lowers prolactin


That sounds pretty cool, but is it legal?


Thanks to the Farm Bill recently passed in December 2018, CBD is no longer considered a controlled substance. So you are free to enjoy these incredible plant medicine benefits.

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